Never stop for Fuel again!

Bring the gas station directly to your


FLEET= 4+ vehicles

Manage fuel costs, improve fleet maintenance, increase productivity, and save up to ₹1,00,000 per vehicle every year.


Hundreds of businesses have made the switch to this modern, mobile approach to fueling — and they're not looking back.

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Thinking of a gas card?

Get the #1 same-day fuel delivery service in India.





 Welcome to the future of fleet fueling. 

Why gas delivery for your fleet?

Save on labor

Eliminate employee time (and overtime) spent driving to and sitting at gas stations.

Set your own schedule

Choose overnight, first thing in the morning, or the schedule that works best for your fleet.

Minimize wear and tear

Do away with unnecessary mileage and save on vehicle maintenance.

Enhance safety

Avoid vehicle and employee exposure to high-risk gas station locations.

Reduce risk of theft

Take company credit cards and fuel cards out of circulation with direct billing.

Check reports

See how much gas your fleet consume on a daily basis with detailed reports.

Kornem in the News

Kornem wants to Bring the Service Station to Your Fleet Parking Lot!

There seems to be no end to the electrical, electronic, digital gizmos and applications that promise, and mostly do, make our lives better, make us more productive, save money or all three at the same time.

Kornem Expands Services to Fleets

Kornem, a gas delivery service, announced that fuel delivery and tire care services are available for fleets in New Delhi & NCR. The announcement was made at its Social Media pages.

Kornem Wants to Change the Way You Fill Up Your Gas Tank

For Rana Kumar an employee and mom, a full tank of gasoline at the end of her workday is something she describes with just two words: “It’s happiness.

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