• Jaskaran Sethi

2 Simplest Reasons for any Factory to order Doorstep-Delivery of Diesel from Kornem Energy?

While there are many benefits for any factory or industry owner to avail diesel delivery via Kornem Energy, 2 very simple reasons stand out. Kornem Energy makes it easier & cheaper for you to manage and use your resources more productively than on buying fuel for your gensets.


Kornem mobile diesel delivery service ensures high-quality fuel, sold at retail prices or better, reduces vehicle wear and tear, and eradicates fraud or misuse at fueling locations. All of this at your doorstep.

  • On average 49 litres of fuel is wasted per vehicle annually.

  • With a fleet of 15, you spend ₹1,00,000 per year on fraud and misuse.

  • Removing trips to the gas station eliminates almost ₹10,000 per transport vehicle a year in wear and tear

  • High-quality, wholesale fuel purchased by Kornem, sold at retail prices or better. The value saved is passed on to the customer.


Eliminate petrol pump visits. We remove this non-productive task from your team's daily route. Gain an additional 20 minutes on average per team member per Kornem Refuel!

  • Unlock 20 minutes of productive time per day with every Kornem refuel.

  • We remove this non-productive task from your team's daily route. The time spent fueling adds up to 31 hours of paid time per year, per employee.

  • Easily access critical information, like gallons used and fuel spend, so you can identify issues early. We connect with current fleet management and telematic tools.

  • Delivered during your downtime. Every Kornem refuel becomes more productive and allows more focus on your customers.

These benefits do not cover the potential pricing benefits that Kornem Energy offers to its B2B Customers, due to its much more simpler fuel-supply chain. Being much more efficient in bringing fuel to you, we pass on value to our customers, big or small.

More on How we can help you get fuel at competitive and better prices than retail fuel outlets, will be soon out in our blog next week!

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