• Jaskaran Sethi

Diesel Procurement is Inefficient for B2B Customers: Kornem On-Demand Doorstep Diesel Delivery

All of us quite aware of the inefficiencies that plague the logistics model of the fuel industry.

Today, 30% of India’s average diesel consumption, accounting to 27.96 Billion Litres is by non-transport end-use segments like Agriculture, Gensets, Industries, Hospitals, Boilers, Mobile Towers, Construction & Mining. More than 80% of the fuel-logistics for this segment is unorganised and illegal, where, minivans and trucks load empty barrels and jerry cans with fuel in an unsafe manner, store in godowns & later transport them, leading to rampant fuel adulteration & pilferage and adding to huge-transportation costs.

The traditional way of procuring diesel is not only making hassles for the B2B businesses but also created a big menace for the environment.

The Diesel Delivery market currently is 0.3 million KL and has the potential to grow to about 10 million KL of diesel annually in next five years, creating a ₹80,000 crore market.

Kornem Energy is hence creating a sustainable ecosystem for the fuel distribution of India, a B2B On-Demand fuel delivery service & supply-chain aggregation platform for High-Speed Diesel & Biofuels. We are eliminating the traditional fuel supply chain infrastructure using IOT-controlled & AI enabled Mobile-Fuelling Units

We have created a closed-loop, fully traceable & a compact terminal-to-car logistics aggregation for fuel, that delivers fuel to the customers directly from the Fuel Terminals, bypassing all the intermediaries, reducing unwanted costs & providing fresher fuel, with 40% less emissions losses.

This enables us to deliver fuel directly to the B2B customers, who can subscribe & request fuel delivery wherever they are, through our mobile app.

We offer a convenient service with no shocks or surprises. A monthly membership fee covers all deliveries regardless of whether you use us once a week or ten times a week. There are no other fees other than the price you pay per litre, which is price matched to the LOWEST OMC prices within a 3 km radius of where you are.

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